Spokane District
Dental Society Foundation

Thank you for your Support of the Spokane District Dental Society Foundation!

The Spokane District Dental Society Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote improved oral health and increased opportunities for delivery of dental care to adults in need in our community through educational programs, collaboration with existing organizations and community programs and direct delivery of care.



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We would like to recognize our generous contributors:


Murdock Foundation $250,000 Grant awarded for equipment in the IDEA Clinic


Washington Dental Service Foundation $192,000 Grant awarded for equipment in the IDEA Clinic

Numerica Credit Union $10,000

Union Bank $3,000

Inland Northwest Community Foundation $21,740 Grant awarded for equipment in the IDEA Clinic


Empire Health Foundation $7500

Spokane District Dental Society $145,000


Empire Health Foundation $40,000 2 Grants Awarded


Providence Health Care $20,000 Grant Award


Dr Otto Stevens $10,000 Initial Grant Award To Begin SDDSF


Spokane District Dental Society Members $10,700 from 82 members


Williams Foundation $1000


Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratory

IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS:Nordic Insurance, Wheatland Bank, Timmie Coon, Thomas Hammer, River Bank, Dawn Stratton, InCyte Pathology, Dana Woodall CPA, US BANK, Cabela's, Elements, Spokane Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Washington Oral Health Foundation


Dr Ike Miller                    Dr Ed Fredrickson       

Dr Ewing Johnson            Dr Stan Rydbom         

Dr Walter Baynes            Mrs Janet Eiden
Dr Dominic Curali            Dr John Madden          

Dr Mayo Erickson             Dr Joe Moran              

Dr Dennis Kelly                Dr James Bourekis